Harry Potter Halloween Party

Happy Halloween!

I’ve yet to share any party details here on the blog but I thought this post would be a fun one for Halloween and Harry Potter lovers! This week I hosted a Harry Potter Halloween party and it was a blast! When the Harry Potter book series came out, I was obsessed and immediately fell in love with the character Hermoine Granger. I remember also going to the midnight premieres of the movies and always getting so excited. I’ve always wanted to host a Harry Potter dinner party, so this year I made it happen!


I wanted the decor to have classic Halloween elements like pumpkins and spiders mixed with Harry Potter accents. I went to Michaels, Target, and the Dollar Tree to find all of the decorations. Michaels was offering 70% off of all Halloween and fall decor so I was able to purchase a bunch of items for extremely low prices. My favorite pieces are the owl (inspired by Hedwig) and the candle spider cage.





No Harry Potter party is complete without yummy food and treats. I designed a candy treat bar on our countertop to mimic the sweet shop Honeydukes from the books. I filled wine glasses with jelly beans and m&ms and spread muggle candy around the counter. We had a delicious feast of rotisserie chicken, macaroni and potato salad, baked beans, bread rolls, and salad for dinner. For dessert, we had a potluck featuring pumpkin pie, brownies, cupcakes, and chocolate chip cookie cake.



We ate and then played two games – a trivia board game and Cards Against Humanity. I gave out Halloween socks as party favors and magic wands. My dog Lily also enjoyed the festivities and we dressed her up as a witch!

How are you celebrating Halloween this year? Let me know in the comments section!


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