#FindYourFITNESS with U by Kotex Fitness

I’ve recently started a workout program at the gym and it has been challenging but rewarding at the same time! Since April, I have been working with a personal trainer to tone up and improve my overall health. One of the most exciting things about working out to me is getting all of my gym essentials ready to go.

It really motivates me when I have the right clothes, sneakers, and accessories to visit the gym. The latest addition to my gym essentials are the U by Kotex Fitness tampons. I love that U by Kotex created a new line of products geared towards us active ladies! The U by Kotex Fitness line is perfect for zumba, yoga, cardio, you name it! Each product in the line is made for movement and exercise. The tampons also come with a Fitpack that can be stored in your gym bag for easy and convenient access.

I picked up the U by Kotex Fitness tampons at my local Walgreens. You can find out more about the new U by Kotex Fitness line here and you can even get $2 off through an awesome Ibotta Rebate!

What are your gym essentials? Let me know in the comments section!

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