2016 Countdown


This year was one of the best years of my entire life and it was filled with so many amazing experiences and adventures! One of my favorite bloggers, Stephanie Sterjovski, recently wrote a 2016 Countdown post highlighting her favorite moments of the year and it inspired me to do the same! I’m pretty certain my friends and family will be able to guess my number one highlight of the year, but I wanted to share with you all my top ten favorite moments of 2016.

TEN: Family vacations are the best! This year we visited New York City in January for my mom’s birthday and it was so cold, but so much fun! For the past two years we have gone up to NYC in January to be in the Live with Kelly audience on my mom’s birthday. We also were in The View audience this year and it was so cool to see the sets for all of the shows. Here’s hoping we do it again in 2017!

NINE: My Bachelorette Party was unforgettable! We visited my favorite theme parks – Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios in matching shirts from my Maid of Honor and then indulged in delicious sweets at the Sugar Factory on International Drive. It was so nice having my best friends by my side for the weekend!


EIGHT: Getting my MBA was such a cool accomplishment this year. After getting my Bachelors degree in Communication, I thought I was completely finished with school. I’m really glad that I decided to pursue my MBA and delve into the world of Marketing. It’s interesting to understand more about the inner workings of businesses, branding strategies, and advertising techniques. I’m excited to integrate my MBA knowledge into my career next year.

SEVEN: This year our adorable pup Lily turned seven and I can’t believe that we have had her for two years now! She is an amazing dog and I’m so happy that we adopted her. She really makes our family complete and her personality is too funny!

SIX: I’m so grateful for all of the special adventures and get togethers I have had this year with my best friends. In February we celebrated Gabi and Garrett’s wedding and it was beautiful! Whether we are going out for dinner, having a girls night in, or meeting up for desserts, I cherish the moments I spend with my girls – they are amazing!

FIVE: Work was filled with new opportunities and challenges this year. I had the opportunity to work on branding videos for my company and I got to experience the director life. I really enjoyed working with talent, grips, and coordinating locations. We also had our awards ceremony in the beginning of the year and I was fortunate enough to go home with some cool awards!

FOUR: This year I felt like I became even closer to my loved ones than ever before. I was lucky enough to be accepted into Greg’s family and they are amazing! I really appreciated all of the help and support we received from our families while planning our wedding. As I get older I really cherish seeing everyone growing up and starting new life adventures. It’s really cool to get together and share stories, reminisce about our childhood and go on mini vacations together. I love my family and they make me who I am today.

THREE: Our Honeymoon cruise was such an incredible experience. Greg and I went on the Disney Dream Cruise at the beginning of the month and sailed away to the Bahamas. We ate lots of yummy food, enjoyed live entertainment, and relaxed by the ocean. If you’ve never tried a Disney Cruise I highly recommend it – it’s not just for kids and it’s truly spectacular!




TWO: Spending Christmas together as Mr. and Mrs. for the first time was so special to me. In the past, Greg and I have spent the holidays apart to enjoy time with our families, so it was a nice treat to spend Christmas together this year. We went with my family to Orlando and had a blast!

Photos by Kismis Ink Photography

ONE: Marrying Greg was the best thing that has ever happened to me. He is my best friend, my soulmate and my inspiration. I never thought that I would find someone who makes me laugh all the time and someone who has such an incredible heart and soul. I feel extremely blessed to be his wife and can’t wait to explore new adventures together in 2017. Our wedding videographers recently posted our wedding video here – enjoy!

I really can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2017. I hope you all have an incredible new year filled with love, prosperity, hope, and happiness!

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